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Disturbances in the Force, October 9, 2021

StarWars.com dropped news on a handful of new books that fans have been eagerly awaiting. First on the list is Shadows of the Sith, written by Adam Christopher and promises to answer questions about Rey’s parents and the mysterious Sith Dagger maguffin from The Rise of Skywalker. The official synopsis says: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is haunted by visions of the dark side, foretelling an ominous secret growing somewhere in the depths of space, on a dead world called Exegol. The disturbance in the Force is undeniable…and Luke’s worst fears are confirmed when his old friend, Lando Calrissian, comes to him with reports of a new Sith menace. Adam Christopher – who was a guest on Around the Galaxy earlier this year – was slated to write a Mandalorian novel but the project was postponed for undisclosed reasons. Shadows of the Sith will come out on June 28, 2022 A second book announced is being written another past Around the Galaxy guest, Mike Chen. The novel is called Brotherhood and focuses on the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars and after the future Darth Vader is granted the rank of Jedi Knight. Featuring a story line based on the throwaway line from Revenge of the Sith (cato niemoidia line) the Anakin now finds himself on equal–but uncertain–footing with Obi-Wan. According to the synopsis: “The lingering friction between them increases the danger for everyone around them. … To overcome the threat they face they must grow beyond master and apprentice. They must stand together as brothers.” Brotherhood drops on May 10, 2022 In addition to these marquee titles, an anthology called Stories of the Jedi & Sith and a Young Adult Novel by Kiersten White were also announced. Look for them wherever you buy books on June 7 and July 26 respectively.

Parrot Analytics, a source for streaming service data, share that Star Wars Visions fared very well in it’s first week after release coming in at number 5 in the US behind Stranger Things, Ted Lasso, Titans and Squid Game. This was Disney plus’s highest ranking show for the week finishing ahead of The Mandalorian, which continues to perform well in the ratings.

Speaking of Visions, Nerdist revealed exclusively that the Art of Visions book will be coming from Dark Horse Comics publishing. The book will be more than 200 pages and will feature concept art, original designs and storyboards from the 9 part anime anthology series. The book will come out in April 2022 and is available for pre-order now in the links below.

Well, it wouldn’t be a week of Disturbances in the Force without another toy drop from Hasbro. Earlier this week they announced some new 3.75 inch vintage collection carbonized figures. The Armorer, Moff Gideon, Incinerator Trooper and Shore Trooper are all from the Mandalorian and are Walmart exclusives. Carbonized figures feature a metallic sheen to the standard figure. They also announced a black series artillery stormtrooper which can only be found at Amazon.

Podathon 2021 will take place in less than a month featuring 15 Star Wars podcasters and youtubers, Star Wars authors, actors and personalities all to raise money for make-a-wish. Earlier this week they announced the rules of the raffle which will give one entry for every $5 donated and any donations that come in before the event will receive double entries. Prizes so far include exclusive Funko pops, a sphero app controlled droid and autographs from author Claudia Gray. Many more prizes are expected. Visit www.ATGcast.com/Podathon for more information and links to the livestream and to donate today. Podathon 2021 begins on November 6 at 9 am eastern time.


Star Wars News Net dropped an exclusive potential spoiler for the book of boba fett with a scene description that doesn’t seem to give away any real plot points. The vague description reads: Boba Fett will be encountering and quite possibly taming/controlling a rancor. Our source was not completely positive on whether Fett is fighting the beast or controlling it, but Fett is standing on the back of the Rancor’s neck and looks like he’s riding and controlling it, as it tears through a complex/city street on what is likely Tatooine. Fans can expect to see more of this when Book of Boba Fett drops on Disney Plus on December 29, 2021.

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